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Go Fund My Muay Thai Dream Tee

If you want to train overseas, shouldn't YOU be the one to come up with the money for your training?

If you want to go overseas for a tournament, shouldn't YOU be the one to come up with the money for the trip?

Isn't that how we were taught growing up? If you want something, earn it through your hard work? Unfortunately, as society progresses, we also see a lot of people forgoing the hard work and resorting to begging for money online to fulfill their "dreams".

We here at THATMMASHOP have zero issues with crowdfunding if it is for the right reasons. Crowdfunding for a prosthetic limb for a child with struggling family, crowdfunding to pay for hospital bill where amount is too high and one cannot afford to delay treatment. Crowdfunding does help in a lot of situations but unfortunately it also created a lot of healthy but lazy people as well.

No world champion or black belt story ever have a paragraph where it says ".... and to pay for my training overseas and participation in tournaments, i created a gofundme and basically begged people for money as i do not have the testicular fortitude to go through the routine the right way, the hard way.."

This 100% cotton unisex t-shirt is DTG printed, delivers classic comfort with a street-ready style that you can wear to the gym or on an outing with friends. 

This product ships from our partnering printer. Production could take anything from 5 to 10 business days depending on where you are from, THATMMASHOP uses a network of printers across Asia, US and Europe and we will try to get your order produced in the location closest to you to cut down the processing time.

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