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Cooltex PU Leather Muay Thai Gloves (Blue)

Cooltex PU Leather Muay Thai Gloves: Unleash Your True Potential!

Introducing the Cooltex PU Leather Muay Thai Gloves, where excellence meets unmatched performance. Our gloves are crafted with premium quality materials and innovative design elements to provide superior protection, durability, and comfort. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner in the world of Muay Thai, these gloves will help you achieve your training goals and surpass your limits.

Premium Quality Padding:
Experience the perfect balance of protection and comfort with our gloves' premium quality padding. The dense inner layer absorbs impact from striking, while the softer outer layer enhances comfort during training sessions. The generous padding across the knuckles ensures optimal protection, while the padding across the back of the hand aids in blocking kicks. These gloves are built to withstand endless training sessions and provide long-lasting durability.

Superior Wrist Support:
Your safety and stability are our top priorities. Our gloves are designed with superior wrist support to keep your hands secure during intense training. The strong Velcro cuff ensures a secure closure, preventing your hands from sliding around and minimizing the risk of injuries. With the Cooltex PU Leather Gloves, you can focus on your technique and power, knowing that your wrists are fully supported.

Size Options for Every Need:
We understand that each athlete has unique requirements. That's why our gloves are available in various sizes to cater to different preferences and training purposes.

8oz Gloves: Suitable for generally women or men on sandbags or target practice. Ideal for athletes weighing between 57kg-69kg. These gloves meet the World Muay Thai standard for competitions within this weight range.

10oz Gloves: Perfect for general men on sandbag or target practice. Standard gloves for World Muay Thai Association (WMC) competitions for athletes weighing 69kg and above.

12oz Gloves: Designed for both men and women who prioritize enhanced protection. These gloves offer superior hand protection, making them suitable for practice with sandbags, target pads, and low-level sparring. They provide an extra layer of confidence and safety during training sessions.

The Cooltex PU Leather Muay Thai Gloves are your ultimate companion in the ring. With premium quality padding, superior wrist support, and various size options, these gloves ensure optimal protection, durability, and comfort. Whether you're a professional competitor or a passionate enthusiast, our gloves will elevate your training experience and help you reach new heights. Order your pair today and unleash your true potential in the world of Muay Thai!

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