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We sell MMA apparel!

Affiliated Athletes

Before you start filling in the affiliate program submission form, there is a couple of things that you should know. 

1. This is not a sponsorship, what we are doing is offering fighters both professional and amateur a chance to earn some extra pocket money selling apparel that are designed for them. It is not McGregor, Khabib, Masvidal, AJ Styles, Adam Cole, Buakaw or Lomachenko kind of money but you are not any of those men either.
2. We handle the heavy work aka the logistics, the designing and the marketing on our social media platforms. You just collect money as and when your apparel sell which also depends on how much you promote it on your own social media platforms as well.
3. Marketing collaterals like visuals for your social media will be provided to you as well upon request.
4. Please fill the form to the best of your ability and as accurate as possible, entries that are not complete will not be entertained.
5. We service mainly the Singapore market but are able to ship internationally as well. So if you are outside of Singapore and is interested, feel free to fill in the form.
6. MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Sambo, Judo, Sanda, Pro Wrestlers, Sports Entertainers and Sport Personalities both professional and amateur are welcome.
7. Any other questions you would like answered, do reach out to us via our social media platforms, our live support, contact form or email.
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